Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Fun at Applewood Orchard

Wow! It has been a while since I blogged. Lots to catch up on, but those are for another day...

Well, now that Haley is down to one nap/day it is SO much easier to do fun family activities since we don't have to try to squeeze them in during a 2-hour window that also included lunch. What did we do to celebrate this new freedom? We took Haley to Applewood Orchard for apple picking, hay rides, a corn maze, pumpkin picking and more.

We really had a lot of fun and got a HUGE bag of Honeycrisp Apples, too!

I was really impressed with all the free and low-cost things they had to do at the farm, too. Tractor rides...

the corn maze...

and finally, our little pumpkin picked out her own pumpkin! 

A good time had by all!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Photo a Day 17-25

Again, here is the next week of the #FMSPhotoADay for June! One more little set to post soon to finish off the month! I've stared the July photos - too fun!

Day 17 {centered} My roses in the front garden FINALLY started to bloom!

Day 18 {street}

Day 19 {currently reading} A Casual Vacancy by J.K. reading books on my iPad Mini, especially on the patio!

Day 20{cute} 'Nuff Said

Day 21 {lunchtime} Good to the last bite! It was a bowl of broccoli salad!

Day 22 {enjoying life} Her favorite place to be...on Daddy's shoulders!

Day 23 {last} The last moments before going to bed on a beautiful Sunday evening.

Day 24 {negative space}

Day 25 {sharp} Again, featuring my roses!
Enjoy! Hope everyone has a very happy and safe Independence Day tomorrow!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

July Photo A Day Challenge

Here is the latest list from FatMumSlim Photo a Day Challenge and it starts TOMORROW. I've had a great time with the June challenge (will post the last 2 sets of photos soon) and can't wait to tackle this one!

July Photo A Day Challenge List