Monday, June 10, 2013

June Photo a Day 1-9

As promised, here are the first 9 days of the #FMSPhotoADay for June! I've really been having fun with each and every challenge and ended up taking over 400 pictures this week! I'll post a few bonus photos of my cutie pie later this week. 

Day 1 {B is for...} Bleeding Hearts

Day 2 {a moment} Enjoying a sunny day on the patio with daddy.

Day 3 {on my table} Baskets full of toys, The Story Bible and a Woodwick candle. Probably some dust, too!

Day 4 {after dark} This guy was waiting under the light of the front door when we came in from doing yard projects late that night.

Day 5 {environment} This pretty much sums up what our environment looks like lately.

Day 6 {transport} New shoes!

Day 7 {bright} Those eyes! So blue and editing on this one either. They are just THAT blue. 

Day 8 {an animal} Usually, this would be Wally, but this mama Robin was feeding her chicks in the front tree that day.

Day 9 {from down low} Look at those cute heart-butt jeans. Baby jeans are the cutest! Pretty sure those are still 0-3 month, although all of her other clothes are 3-6 month. Cutie!
Looking forward to posting the next batch!

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