Monday, June 4, 2012

Keeping My House CLEAN

I am a neat freak. However, my husband is not. Don't get me wrong, he likes the house clean, too, but if there is choice between fun and cleaning, he does not choose the latter unless it is absolutely necessary. This has been a good thing for me, though...he has definitely taught me to LET GO of having the house 100% perfect all the time and to enjoy life a little more! Thanks, honey!

I know in September, when our little girl arrives, I know I will need to find a NEW "clean enough" and get used to having baby things and toys all over the house. To help with this, I created a cleaning list (those that know me really well know my affinity for lists) that can pretty easily be done in 15-45 minutes/day depending on the day. This is something I have done before and when I am faithful about keeping up with it, it is REALLY effective in keeping the house presentable! You will no longer need to scramble when you have surprise guests!!

I was inspired by a few different lists and tips, including this one and an old article I remember from Real Simple about laundry!

I created this list in good 'ol Word, so anyone can download it themselves and update it to meet their own cleaning needs! It is a zipped file so click the link to open the public Google Docs folder and hit the little arrow on the right-hand side of the page (must hover over the name of the document to see the arrow) and choose "download" to get your very own copy!

Keep in mind...this will keep your house looking good IF your house is already organized. You may still need to have ONE BIG DAY of cleaning, sorting and organizing before starting this schedule. :) Enjoy!

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