Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yesterday we called and asked my dad if we could bring some firewood back from the lake in a few weeks. Last night nature had its own idea and gave us our own supply right in our back yard!

I snapped with with my cell when I woke up this morning.
Yes, it is CHARRED. It was struck by lightning.

I guess we have our work cut out for us now, but we will have a good supply of firewood for a while! Really, the last thing we needed was another project, but I am so thankful that this didn't fall on our house, on us or on anyone else. Things could be much worse! Like this:

14 power lines down!
Just up the road there were 14 power lines down from the wind! We were "lucky" and got our power back around 6:30 (just in time for work...ugh). I would've liked the power to stay off a little longer so I could sleep and then go to the coffee shop to work today.

So, for now, this is our new view until we determine if we can salvage what is left or if we should just take the whole thing down so it doesn't blow the other direction onto our shed next time there is a bad storm (which according to weather.com is supposed to be in about 7 hours). 

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