Thursday, June 21, 2012


Do you remember the first time you got to hold a sparkler? I do not, but I DO have very fond memories of walking down the dirt road at Grandpa's cabin, twirling around with sparkler in hand. Learning to write my name with the light. Getting to do TWO at a time! So much fun!

Last weekend we were visiting Jesse's family and we just HAD to get some sparklers for our three-year-old niece to try out! At first, she cautiously watched her mom...a sparkler get the technique down. 

Then it was time to try her own! Look at that smile!

We also got a few "fireworks" but here you can only have the kind that don't leave the ground. Wally decided that eating a pig's ear was WAY more exciting than moving away from the fireworks. (Don't worry he was further away from them than he looks.)

Dakota got nervous and hid in the woods like a little wolf!

Wally was all smiles when we were done. He LOVES being outdoors and having bonfires. He didn't even mind that there were no less than 20 mosquitoes on him at any given time. However, we did.

We didn't last too much longer outside before we were chased in by the bugs. All in all, still a terrific night, despite all of our bug bites. We can't wait for more bonfires with Grandma, Grandpa and the rest of the family - especially when baby girl is here to enjoy them as well!

Grandpa and Sammy, chillin' by the fire!

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