Friday, May 25, 2012

Tutorial: Purse with Pockets

My finished purse!
So I needed a new purse and I LOVE being organized, so I found this one from on Pinterest. As I was going through the pattern to see what I needed and how to create this cute purse, I realized (no offense to whoever created this) but the directions and only two pictures just wouldn't cut it if you didn't have previous purse sewing experience (which I do...LOTS). So, here is my supplemental tutorial on how to create this purse. Be sure to download the instructions, too, as I will refer to those as needed!


• 1⁄4 yard for straps
• 2⁄3 yard for pockets
• 2⁄3 main body
• 2—101⁄4×141⁄2" rectangles thin, firm batting OR fusible fleece (which is what I used...MUCH easier)
• 34" x8" of Pellon 808 fusible interfacing (this is NOT in the original pattern, but it makes the straps SO much more durable, trust me)

Finished Bag: 8×10×4"

*The pattern refers to the pattern pieces as blue print (straps), blue-and-green print (pockets) and green print (bag/lining), but that is SUPER confusing. Especially since no one on earth will run out to get the exact fabric they used in the pattern.

Start by cutting out the fabric and getting the straps ready. Iron the fusible interfacing to the wrong sides of the straps and then iron the straps in half lengthwise. The fold each side into the center of the strap, like this:

Iron your pocket pieces in half (per the PDF instructions) so they are the same width of the main body fabric.

Next, iron on the fusible fleece to the half of the wrong sides of the main body fabric. Like this:

Time to start sewing! Sew your straps down each side (slow and steady) just as the instructions say. The nice thing about the fusible interfacing is that it helps your straps hold their shape so I didn't even pin them! Just go SLOW...

Next place your pocket on top of your main body and measure 4.25" in from each side to determine where to put the straps. Pin the straps down carefully and make sure your strap isn't twisted. Sewing your straps down will make the outside pockets of the purse. Make a mark 10.25" up on each strap so you know where to sew across and back down. Also, make sure that where the TOP of the stitch is attached, it is still 4.25" away from the edge of your bag!

Carefully sew right over your previous stitches on the straps, so you can't see there are two sets of stitches!

Pin the right sides of all your fabric together. The bottom of the pockets should line up. Also, either tuck in or pin the straps down so they don't get caught in your stitches. Leave a 5" opening at the "top" of the pieces...opposite of the lined pocket side.

This is the trickiest part...after you iron all your seams flat, pin all 4 corners flat and sew a line 2" from the corner. Then, trim the fabric. This makes your square corner from your purse. Your purse will then be 4" wide.

Finally, turn your purse right-side-out through the 5" whole. Slip-stitch the seam closed and turn your lining into the body of your purse. Fill with ALL your stuff! Enjoy!


  1. WOW! That only took you an hour?!? Impressive!

  2. Awesome! I'm definitely going to try this when I have time:) Thanks so much for sharing!