Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wally's Weekend: A 4-Dog Sleepover

Let me start by saying...we had a BLAST this weekend with 3-4 dogs here the whole time, but I will NEVER own 3-4 dogs myself. That is just craziness. One is great, two would be my absolute maximum. :)

Wally's weekend started off on Thursday night when his new friend Dakota came to visit (along with my mother-in-law). He had a pretty good time with her, but was completely covered in slobber, as she is an ear-biter. A really cute, really fluffy ear-biter. My MIL helped out all day Friday with extra chores around the house to help us get ready for baby...she painted, washed, scrubbed and even helped cook dinner after all that. It was SO wonderful to have her here to help! She even volunteered to come back. :)

Friday night brought two more friends for Wally...Ruby and Shiloh...our friend's two-year-old yellow labs. It was a labfest and Dakota felt a little left out.

Dakota, Wallum (Wally), Shiloh and Ruby (left to right). 
On Saturday we took the labs and headed to the park. Dakota stayed back to help pack up before we took my MIL out for an early Mother's Day breakfast (and my very first Mother's Day celebration, too...thanks for the perfume, honey!). The pups had an absolute BLAST, as you can tell from these pictures!



They got to go for ANOTHER run later that night and needless to say, all of the dogs put THEMSELVES to bed at 8:30. Too cute! :) Wally's new friends are welcome to come back for another sleepover anytime!


  1. ooooh love all the puppy love! when you're ready for a 2nd just say the word...i know where to find a few puppies that would love to have Wally as a big brother!

  2. Cuuuuuuute! I love the lab pics! Dakota looks like a princess in that first picture. lol