Friday, May 11, 2012

Bubble Ninja

Last week we had the good fortune to spend some extra time with my sister (who is due the week before me - yay!) and our nephew. We had a blast! It is so fun to "be a kid" again with him and to think of all of the fun memories we can look forward to making with our little one! I took a few pictures at the beginning of the night, but then time slipped away and so did the sunlight. We were having too much fun playing t-ball and hiding from the neighbor's dog for me to get too many more pictures...

The bubble ninja! Shortly after, the bubbles ran we moved on to another activity. :)

Sidewalk chalk! It was so fun...we traced Channing (in blue) and the he "traced" his mom  (in orange). Hmmm...

The artist and his muse. :) Too cute!

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