Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And we're having a...

very stubborn baby!

I'm not going to complain at all, because our baby is healthy and that is what matters. However, the little stinker would NOT move its butt so we could see...b or g? Luckily (?!), baby would also not move enough to get ALL of the measurements they needed. We got most of them...enough to know things look good, but we are lucky that we "must" to go back for the rest, thus getting another chance to learn this baby's gender!

We tried everything, too. The tech wiggled the sensor on my belly to try to jostle the baby into moving. No. We tried putting the table I was on upside-down to let gravity do the work (the baby was too far down to get the sensor in the right spot). No. I even tried getting up and moving around, doing toe touches, etc. No. Thanks, baby. I think (s)he gets that from me...I MIGHT be a little stubborn...sometimes.

Still...the process was amazing. It was so beautiful to be able to SEE the little life that is growing in my belly moving and sleeping (yes, we even saw a yawn!) and knowing that baby is all safe and sound. Thanks be to God!

We are not sure on the exact date of the next appointment yet, but in a few weeks we should be able to pick a paint color for the room we spent all Saturday cleaning out in preparation of painting this week. Ha ha. The tech did give us a 75% guess, but until we know for sure, we are not buying anything or announcing anything. :)

Baby's right foot! Too cute. 
Baby's profile!


  1. Congrats, so happy for you guys! :) XOXO

  2. Congrats! We are super excited for you guys! Also, excited for you to work from home, that's awesome:) He/she is so adorable already:)

    1. Thanks, Lacy! We're very excited!! I've been reading your blog...SO busy! You sure have two little cuties on your hands!! :)

  3. CUUUUUUUUUTE! Look at those little chubby cheeks! i just want to kiss them! I can't even stop myself from doing baby talk to that picture. widdle chubba wubba:)