Monday, May 21, 2012

B or G? The Big Reveal...

I had SUCH a fun weekend...

Friday started with an early anniversary celebration...I got to pick out all of the flowers for our backyard oasis and since I got my gift early, I gave Jesse his gift, too! It was an NDSU Bison Beanbag Toss game...he was THRILLED and we ended up playing for several hours. It was nice to just relax and enjoy the near 90 degree day together!

Saturday was a blast! A bunch of us usually get together for craft day, but this time we were able to turn craft day into POOL DAY, which was a great decision since it was 85 degrees! My friend's parents graciously let us use their pool for the whole day...grilling, relaxing, eating fruit AND the big GENDER REVEAL!

Yes, the baby actually cooperated on Friday during our ultrasound and we were able to get confirmation on the sex. SO...I baked a cake to bring along to pool day to surprise the girls! This is how it went:

Getting closer...
It's a GIRL!
BIG hugs!
And high-fives (those two guess right...and got cake first)!
Then back to relaxing!
It was SO wonderful to share this moment with some of the best ladies I know (wished a few others could have been there, too, but everyone is all caught up now on the big news).

Sunday brought our 6th wedding anniversary! Even though Jesse had drill most of the day, we had a fantasticly low-key celebration last night. We went to the restaurant we ALWAYS go to for our anniversary...6/6 years...Chianti Grill. YUM. The first two years we happened to get the same table (#26) so the third year we decided to request it...and they got it wrong. LOL. So the next two years I didn't take a chance and I went the week before to SHOW them our table so they would get it right. 

This year, we took a chance and didn't reserve...and we STILL got our table! So fun! Anyway, we had such a good night enjoying lobster ravioli, chicken sorrento, turtle cheesecake and awesome conversation with each other. Loved every minute of it!

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