Thursday, May 24, 2012


I've been busy sewing...trying to get a few things done before I really start working on the baby room things. Here is what I got done this weekend!

A placemat for under Wally's dishes. He just gets SO sloppy/slobbery and it is easier to toss this in the wash  than get down and scrub the glue-like slobber off the floor. So far, so good! It really contains the mess! :)

Dish towel from target and two strips of fabric that are tucked under on each side and top-stitched. 10 minutes max!

I NEEDED a sewing machine cover. For whatever reason, my machine did not come with one...just a place to tuck the presser foot. I made mine with big pockets for my scissors and the power cord. Love it!

Finally, some bibs. I actually cut these out as a gift a LONG time ago and never got around to them. I ended up making something else. Anyway, Michael Miller oilcloth on the front and Michael Miller dots on the back. Jesse said they aren't girly enough, but once he sees how nice it is to keep our little one clean he won't care! :)

More projects to come...LOTS more. I have a huge list of baby room projects. Hoping to get the room painted this weekend and make some major progress on the bathroom, too!


  1. you are so dang adorable! I love your crafty-ness! Please come to my house and finish all my half-done projects! :)

  2. These are so cute! I love Wally's place mat. I need one of those to put under the kids' chairs for meal times! LOL. Those bibs are adorable too! CUTE