Thursday, April 26, 2012

How the Time Flies

I didn't realize it has been OVER A MONTH since the last time I posted. I guess need to make a better effort to keep up! I'll use the next few posts to get caught up with everything we've been doing the past month.

First and foremost, the little life inside of me is growing and growing. I am now 18.5 weeks along and still in the "is she fat or pregnant" stage. Ugh. I am hoping I will pop soon so people can at least tell. :)

Last weekend the beautiful tree (I think it is an ornamental crab) in our front yard was in full bloom and I just happened to match it! I ran and grabbed the camera and set up the shot so my hubby could capture the moment!

Only a week and a half until we will KNOW if we need to get pink or blue paint for the nursery. I've been busy purusing Pinterest for ideas and I think I have settled on a few. We are so excited to see the little one again and start some more planning!

I think it turned out pretty nice! Here are a few more pictures of the tree...I take pictures of it EVERY spring, but it never ceases to amaze me. It is just SO beautiful!

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  1. Love! Our lilac bushes and pink tree are starting to bloom also!