Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nesting: Part 2

So I have been a bit of a blogging slacker this week, but it is because I have been SUPER busy with other things. I've continued deep cleaning the house and, as promised, have an update on a few more tips and tricks to try! I know I won't have the energy soon, so getting this stuff done early has been great!

This was my "things to try next" list:

  •  My steak knives need some help. Apparently, lemon juice will fix that. 
  • My microwave, also gross, although it could be worse. We keep one of these in there so we always remember to cover our messy food!
The results?
  • Lemon juice and a little elbow grease worked great...steak knives look brand new!
  • Vinegar and water in the microwave also worked brilliantly...not too smelly, either. I will definitely do this on a regular basis. 
Another thing I tried:
  • Dipping lemon slices in sea salt and scrubbing my glass shower doors with it worked SO WELL! You would be amazed. Then I took the leftover slices and put them down the disposal to clean that (did you know that trick?), which is something I do all the time, but now it seems less wasteful.
I DID take a break from cleaning on Tuesday to do a little sewing with my sister. I forgot my camera that night, but I will definitely post some pictures of the finished products soon!

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for trying out some more Pinterest ideas :)