Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Our Girl's Weekend in Northern Minnesota started with two cars packed to the brim, 9 girls, one dog, a 4-hour drive and A LOT of laughter! When we arrived at the Vermilion Club, we were all starving do we dove right into a Bamboozler -- a pizza the size of a small car (well, it was about 3 feet in diameter). So delish!

Snowflake pancakes, good friends and fun games.

After dinner, we headed off to the lake to meet Megan's parents where they helped us get across the ice (the cabin is on an island) with their sled (for those outside of MN, that is a snowmobile). Two trips for them and a 1/2 mile walk across the ice for the rest of us and we were there! There were a few that had never been that far north before and a few that had never walked on a frozen lake. An adventure for sure!

The next two days were filled with talking, games, giggles, reading, photos, hiking, LOTS of food and a few drinks, too. All in all, it was a fantastic weekend and I managed to walk away WITHOUT a weird nickname (thank goodness!). A BIG thanks to Megan for bring us to this special place, to our friends for making it a blast and to her parents, especially, for helping to get us across the lake and back (and for bringing us the most delicious milk and eggs in the world!).

Our final walk across the lake.

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