Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Blog

It isn't like the world needs another blog, but here I am! After several past attempts at doing this I have decided to give it a real go.

Those who know me know of my great love for all that sparkles. Other things I love include cooking, baking, sewing and crafting. So...I will do my best to bring you some fun ideas, recipes and anecdotes.

Today I started out the morning with a homemade caramel latte which I am still enjoying while I write this. It is easy, cheaper than buying one AND quite a bit more healthy than Caribou (although I do with it made my house smell like Caribou). Here is how it is done:

1 shot espresso (I just use instant)
1 cup whole milk
1 tablespoon caramel syrup
1/2 tablespoon (packed) brown sugar

{it helps to have a beverage blender or a frother but it is ok if you don't}

Make your shot of espresso and put it in a nice big mug. Make sure it is plenty hot. In a Pyrex or in a beverage blender, place your milk, sugar and caramel. Microwave for 90 seconds (be sure to watch that it doesn't boil over). Then blend/froth/whisk with whatever you have for about 30 seconds. Microwave for another 30 seconds (REALLY watch it this time as it will get really frothy if you blended it). Our over your espresso - be sure to scrape the yummy foam on top - give it a quick stir and enjoy!

{Sorry for the bad was taken on my iPad. And yes, this is my favorite mug. It states, "Smart Women Thirst for Knowledge" and was given to me by one of my sisters when I was in college. Love!}


  1. Delish!!! On my way to the kitchen to try one now!

  2. Love that you have a blog! I thought it was only a matter of time ;)